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Todd M SmithTodd M Smith 
Can the lyric thermostat control my Aprilaire model 800 humidifier?
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Customer SupportCustomer Support (Connected Homes) 
Thanks for reaching out Todd. The Lyric can in fact operate Humidification, Dehumidification or Ventilation via the one set of universal contacts or it can dehumidify with AC as well.
Alan HansteinAlan Hanstein 
Sorry for what's probably a VERY redundant post here. Is Honeywell still vigorously supporting this product? I've had it installed for just over a year now - and in general it works as promised, but I'm really shocked that there have been no significant programming updates. Obviously the hold issue is important for a lot of folks, but I'm disappointed that there isn;t even a rudimentary level of reporting available yet. Would love to get any sense of an update from the Corporate folks. Signed - "mostly satisfied but could be better"...
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Customer SupportCustomer Support (Connected Homes) 
Alan, we are here to help. Have you had the chance to send us an email? Please contact us at Thank you.
Shane MiltonShane Milton 
Whenever I attempt to adjust my fan settings (Comfort Adjustments -> Ventilation), it always tells me "Your thermostat settings update failed. Please check your connection and try again later." Everything else works but no matter what, I cannot change that setting!
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Shane MiltonShane Milton
I was apparently confused in thinking this was the control for my fan. I have learned that this is for a Whole House Ventilation system (or alternatively an Attic fan), which we do not have. So the connection error, I presume, is between the Lyric and the ventilation system (which we do not have). So I guess this mostly works as designed. :-)
Darren EDarren E 
I recently got an email about a new update that helps connectivity.  Only problem is that no matter what I do the app still says I'm using version 1.0.150.  My Lyric is connected to my wifi because it's working fine.  Has anyone successfully updated their Lyric?        
Best Answer chosen by Darren E
Customer SupportCustomer Support (Connected Homes) 
The version you are referring to is the app version. Here are steps to check your thermostat software version:

• Log into the Lyric app -open the sidebar and select the gear icon (settings) for your location
• Select Thermostats
• Select your thermostat: the software version for your thermostat will be listed here

Please let us know if we can help you with anything else, Darren!
Best Answer chosen by Gareth Hattersley
Customer SupportCustomer Support (Connected Homes) 
Hi Gareth, it sounds like your "Auto Changeover" isn't functioning correctly.  You have a couple of options:

1. Turn Auto Changeover off: From the main screen, where you see your shortcuts displayed, select your thermostat to view the current temp, set point, and ability to adjust temperature. Tap the gear in the top right. On this screen, you should see a slider toggle for Auto Changeover that you can disable.

2. Reset thermostat: Remove the Lyric from the wall for 10 seconds, re attach. This might correct what you're experiencing.

3. Make sure that the temperature for your home and away settings for "while cooling" are not too close to each other, which might be confusing the Auto Changeover to switch over to cooling.

Please let us know how it goes!
Robert LeeRobert Lee 
When I switch on daylight savings in the app and save it, it shows that it's on but the lyric continues to work on standard time. Weather is also an hour behind.
If I log out of the app and log back in, the "switch" is back into the off position.
Best Answer chosen by Robert Lee
Customer SupportCustomer Support (Connected Homes) 
Thank you for your continued patience as we work to resolve this. A permanent fix is on its way with the next app update. In the meantime, we have a couple options for a temporary fix. We have two options to improve your experience until a permanent fix is implemented.

The first option is if another user in your home has an Android device, please have them log into their Lyric app or add them as a user and follow the steps below:

1. Log into the Lyric app >open the Sidebar (top left) and select the Gear Icon (settings) next to your location name

2. Select Location Details

3. Toggle the Daylight Savings switch to On

4. Exit the Location Details menu

The second option is for you to add as a user to your thermostat location. This will let our Customer Care Representatives use an Android device to adjust the Daylight Savings setting for your account. Our representative will log into the Lyric Customer Care account and make the changes to activate Daylight Savings. Then, they will delete as a user.

To add another user please follow the steps below:

1. Log into the Lyric app >open the Sidebar (top left) and select the Gear Icon (settings) next to your location name

2. Select Users

3. Select Add User

4. Type the email address for the user you wish to add and select Send

Please let us know if you have any additional questions on these steps.
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Alan WestAlan West
I have a MAC address reservation to a static IP for the Lyric.  My router has a dynamic IP address from my ISP.  I do not want the Lyric to have a dynamic IP address.  Is that going to be an issue?  If so then I need to sell the Lyric and replace it with a different smart thermostat.
Dave PettDave Pett 
I had the Lyric app set up on my phone and all was working until we moved. I set up the thermostat at our new place and all is working well on it, but the app on my Android Nexus 6 will not login. I set it up on my iPad to see if it was Lyric servers, and the iPad logs in just fine. I have uninstalled and re-installed to no avail. Please help!
Best Answer chosen by Dave Pett
Customer SupportCustomer Support (Connected Homes) 
Hi Dave, thanks for reaching out. Could you call us directly at 1-800-633-3991 so we can figure out why this is happening? We want to get you logged in on your Android Nexus 6 again. Thank you.